Canhydrox Gag – For Bone metabolism and Bone structure


  • Strengthening/tightening of tendons, ligaments and muscles.
  • Development of stable skeleton
  • Development of strong bite
  • For firm Gums
  • Hardening of the tooth enamel
  • For the healthy bone structure of medium and large breeds as well as giant breeds, their joints
    and bones, which are exposed to increased stress due to their heavy weight.
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The best-selling product for proper development of skeletal system and teeth in puppies and dogs taking part in shows and agility. Used by many breeders in Germany. It is a high-quality supply for the connective tissue, the joints, the bones, the ligaments, the tendons, the teeth and the cartilage. The motion apparatus of all age dogs, truely benefit from this “allrounder supplement”. It contains dicalcium phosphate in the form of MCH (microcrystalline hydroxyapatite). MCH is the most superior form of calcium supplement that builds bone. Canhydrox Gag also contains green-lipped mussel powder, Vitamin C, silicea, Vitamin E, selenium and methionine. It can be supplemented with dry food, home-made food, raw food as it does not interfere or alter the normal calcium-phosphorus metabolism in the body.

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