Puppy Milk Powder – Complete milk food for puppies from day 1. Size: 450 gm


  • Mother’s milk substitute for puppies from the 1st day of life
  • No vomiting, no diarrhea due to extensive lactose withdrawal
  • For feeding motherless puppies
  • As an addition to puppy porridge
  • To prepare the bitch for lactation
  • To supplement the diet and to relieve the nursing bitch
  • In preparation for weaning
  • Dietary supplement for working, breeding, aging and sick dogs.
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Special puppy milk with biologically valuable nutrients: The energy and power food with all the vitamins and minerals required for healthy growth. By largely removing lactose (=milk sugar, which causes diarrhea in puppies and young dogs), we have developed a puppy milk that is comparable to mother’s milk. The milk feeder is prepared from 4 parts by weight of water (80%) and 1 part by weight of puppy milk (20%) according to the natural milk of the bitch.


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