SBK’S LIQUID GOLD FOR DOGS High Calorie Dietary Supplement- 64 oz


No Harmful Ingredients – Our products do not contain harmful fillers, glycol, or glycerin.  We believe that our customers should easily read and understand the ingredients on our label

Whey Protein – Contains 19 essential amino acid panel for building muscle mass and definition. Whey is the cleanest, most effective protein available.

Cooked Egg Whites – A great source of digestible protein, riboflavin, and selenium which helps dogs tremendously that are prone to digestive upset.

Vitamin D – Is vital in regulating the calcium and phosphorus balance in your dog’s body, something that is very important, especially for younger dogs.

Calcium – Strengthens teeth and bones.

Turmeric Powder – Turmeric root powder (curcuma) benefits a dog’s immune system and calms inflammation, the leading cause of hip and joint problems.

Fresh Pumpkin Powder – Boosts digestive health along with being a great source of fiber, Vitamin A for vision, Vitamin C for immune, and Zinc to improve skin and coat.  Also contains two important amino acids; beta-carotene to slow aging and cucurbitin that acts as a natural deworming agent by paralyzing tapeworms and other intestinal parasites.

Great Flavor – We use all-natural extra oils and extracts to capture the best flavor for your pet but without harmful ingredients like trans and saturated fats.

Manufactured at our Facility in the US – We do all our own manufacturing, do not rely on co-packers, mix in small volumes to maximize attention to product quality, and work to not cross-contaminate flavors for animals that may have allergies.

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The secret to maximizing nutrition and health for dogs of all breeds and activity levels is Liquid Gold’s omega 3-rich chicken protein base that contains no trans or saturated fat.  Over the past 3 years we have found the right formulation of whey protein, health fats, and all-natural ingredients that our customers trust for their canine’s nutritional needs without adding harmful ingredients.  No other liquid supplement has as much absorbable protein as Liquid Gold.

  •  All Natural weight gainer
  •  Build Healthy Coat : Packed with Omega 3
  •  Enhanced Muscle Builder
  •  Strong Joints and Bones
  •  Loaded with Vitamin

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